Q&A with LMA Northeast Regional Conference Keynote Speaker Jeff Leitner

Leitner Jeff.jpgJeff Leitner will be the keynote speaker at the LMA Northeast Regional Conference on November 10. Jeff is the innovator in residence at the University of Southern California, in Los Angeles; fellow at New America, in Washington, D.C.; and founder and managing director of GreenHouse in Chicago. He is lead developer of both Innovation Dynamics and SDGs in Order. 

Jeff spends a lot of time researching the idea of how every change we try to make – in our own organizations or in the marketplace – is subject to powerful, invisible forces called social norms. While social scientists have been studying them for decades, we’re just now beginning to understand how to recognize norms and even alter them to enable more successful and, ultimately, lasting change. 

We sat down with Jeff to ask him what we can expect from his keynote address. 

With disruption in the legal industry and as client demands continue to increase, what are some ways firms can adapt?

The problem isn't disruption or client demands; the problem is that marketers and other creative thinkers are working in law firm environments that unintentionally impose limits on how much they can do. There are lots of good ideas all around us for leveraging disruption and exceeding client demands, but until we can make our environments friendly to creative solutions, the ideas don't do us any good. We need to learn how to tweak our environments to make them friendlier for our big ideas. 

You talk about how to leverage invisible forces called social norms. How can legal marketers use them to help us in our work?

By virtue of their unique position within law firms, legal marketers are perfectly positioned to see the invisible limits that hold law firms back. Being one-part law firm and one-part marketing, legal marketers are the right people to import ideas from outside the law to shake things up. 

What can we expect to learn from your keynote presentation?

We'll learn how to recognize the invisible limits our law firms impose on our creativity and how to blow up those limits to make our law firms friendlier for our big ideas. 

We hope you will join us for the LMA Northeast Regional Conference on November 10! Learn more and register here

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