Program Review: Tales from the Trenches: How to Successfully Grow a Legal Marketing Career

The Future Law Firm Leaders Shared Interest Group (SIG) serves in-house legal marketers with fewer than five years of in-house legal marketing experience by providing them with support, mentorship, peer networking opportunities, and relevant training.

On February 3, the Future Leaders SIG hosted its first brownbag program of 2016, “Tales from the Trenches: How to Successfully Grow a Legal Marketing Career.” The program was led by: Jason Mulgrew, Director of Business Development & Marketing at Morgan Lewis, Rachel Shields Williams, Business Development Manager at Sidley Austin, and Annie Berger, Recruiting Manager at J. Johnson Executive Search.

The key takeaways from the event were:

  • Learn your trade: follow topics and industry trends that pertain to your practice areas and discuss the subject matter with your lawyers. This will help you understand their practice and establish better relationships with them.
    • Pro-tips:
      • Associates and secretaries are ideal resources for gaining fluency.
      • Review Investopedia, Law360, and other industry digests for topics and trends. A Manzama or Lexology account can tailor the information you receive to your lawyers’ interests.
  • Invest in yourself and in your personal brand. By knowing what you need to do to succeed, you can set yourself apart from the crowd.
    • Pro-tip:
      • Bring a positive attitude, flexibility, and a willingness to work with others.
  • Remove “this is not my job” from your vocabulary as it closes doors and will prevent you from acquiring new skills.
  • Promotions: use your review period wisely. Come prepared to establish your experience, institutional knowledge, and your value in the market.
    • Pro-tip:
      • Consult salary surveys.
  • Mentors: find a mentor, either within your firm or outside your organization, that can coach you as your career progresses. Sponsors: develop your relationships and find a sponsor who knows your work product and has direct control over your growth.
    • Pro-tip:
      • Implement monthly check-ins on your annual goals.
  • You’ve made a mistake: take ownership, learn from your errors, and be mindful of how you handle them as your lawyers and team will remember it when working with you in the future.
  • Be aware of stereotypes and generational differences: how do you want to be communicated with, seek to debunk the myths about your generation, be empathetic.
  • Room for growth: look for firm wide projects to promote your brand and stretch your skill set.

By: Eloise Repeczky and Mackenzie Huffman for the March/April 2016 issue of Capital Ideas Newsletter

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