Program Review: ROI – The Only Technology Acronym That Matters

The LMA Virginias Local Group gathered at the Richmond office of McGuire Woods on January 11th for the first program of the year, a presentation by Christina Fritsch of ClientsFirst Consulting on how to identify and implement technology that can make a real difference in the business development efforts of law firms. While there are a vast array of technologies available, many at ever-increasing cost to the firm, the key factor in choosing and using any of these is to meet a very particular need, which must be identified prior to choosing the technology, but often is not. This is a situation we as legal marketers are all-too familiar with. All too often the result is that a huge amount of firm dollars are wasted on marketing technology that never reaches its desired potential. 

Chris’ presentation focused primarily on CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solutions, emphasizing that the key aspect in adopting any technology is to understand what the underlying need is, whether it be regular client touches, communications, and documentation of these interactions, or experience management and proposal creation or some other driving factor. A particular actionable takeaway from Chris’ presentation is that when looking at the tools your firm may already have available to lawyers and marketers, it’s important to focus on a segment of the tool that you can immediately put to work for a particular team, rather than focusing on global obstacles like overall data quality, etc., which can sometimes hinder broader adoption and, ultimately, paralyze usage entirely.

By Amanda Arwood, Senior Business Development Manager at Troutman Sanders LLP

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