President’s Message

To our LMA Mid-Atlantic Community: 

It’s hard to believe fall is here on the East Coast, as it feels like I was just writing about summer, coming out of quarantine, and finding balance in our new world. And now, pumpkin flavored… everything lines the stores and we are beginning to look toward the last quarter of the year with a cautious eye and an optimistic outlook towards 2021.

To simply say this year has been unprecedented would be an understatement. 2020 has changed the way we live, the way we work, and has forced us to re-examine our cultural norms. The twists and turns of the daily news cycle are hard, even at the best of times, but coupled with more than six months of working in nooks and crannies, virtual learning, video-exhaustion and more – it’s safe to say we’re all exhausted.

But we know we aren’t done yet, and when 2021 arrives we still have work to do: work around equality, diversity, inclusion, dismantling systemic issues in our culture, and getting back to the office and school.

I say all of this not to dishearten or overwhelm you, but instead to encourage you to take a time out and recharge, so you have a better opportunity to be present in heart, mind, and body to continue to do the heavy-lifting in your organizations and society. We cannot take care of others until we take care of ourselves, or as the flight attendants I miss so much from traveling say, “Put your own mask on before helping others.”

Please take a moment, pour yourself a beverage of your choice, and read the amazing content that our region’s authors have put together in this newsletter. Let it inspire and energize you. Or take some time for personal career development and join a webinar or virtual conference.

I implore you to carve out time to enjoy the cooler weather this fall, take time for yourself to rest and reset, and before you know it, we all will be wishing each other a “Happy New Year,”… likely over Zoom.

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President’s Message

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