President's Message First Quarter 2018

Although not unique to legal marketing, the words leadership and team are part of our vernacular, and perhaps overused almost to the point that their meanings have become diluted. So to challenge myself and to seek out opportunities for positive disruption, I employ the device of the anagram.  Take the word team:  I quickly find that eat is hidden within team and I stop right there. Why? Between team and eat, I have quickly identified two of my favorite things.

Rare is the person who doesn’t enjoy a good meal, or cannot appreciate a beautifully presented dish. In the restaurant business, and often in our own kitchens, the most successful meals are a result of teamwork. Throughout my career, and perhaps due to my love of food and the feeling of community that comes with sharing a meal, I have learned a lot about teamwork and leadership from chefs. It comes as no surprise to me that my leadership list is at 723 and growing because there are always ways to rethink and rework the approach and method that we work with our teams.

Like the great chefs around the world whom I have studied and admired, I am ever mindful of the power of teamwork, and that success is achieved less on the efforts of individual, but rather how well those individuals come together to create some transformative. The success of a meal, project, family, whatever it may be, is better when achieved together. I have seen this over the past 18 months since LMA started our journey towards regionalization. As an organization, we now offer more programming options locally, regionally and internationally. A broader network of peer members now has increased exposure to resources, tools and service partners. We have diversity and inclusion integration across all areas of our work, as well as advocacy for our profession.

Reflecting on my contributions as President of the Northeast Region (geographically small but mighty in numbers), and how I can best serve the members, my 2018 LMA priorities—borne out of a team approach are—to:

4. Listen. To always give my full attention to our members, understand your needs and win your trust

3. Connect. We are better as a region and being able to connect people, ideas, resources and opportunities across our region enhances our member experience.

2.  Embrace. To meet every opportunity head on. To always ask for feedback and use it to create an even better member experience.

1. This means that my top priority is you, the member.

Using words derived from the anagram for leadership, I aspire to help shape ideals based on the LMA mission and to work hard to spread new ideas created by the collaboration and teamwork of our members. I hope to see many of you over the coming months and in October at our regional conference in Boston.

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