Presentation Review: “Impact Marketing for Small and Mid-sized Law Firms”

Presented at the 2017 LMA QuickStart® - Legal Marketing Essentials at the LMA Annual Conference by multiple presenters.

Summary by Brooke Anderson, Marketing Manager, Porter Hedges LLP, for the May 2017 LMA Southwest #LMA17 Conference Recap.

The focus of this full-day, pre-conference program was how to best optimize your marketing and business development efforts to be a successful leader in a small to mid-size law firm. Often professionals in these size firms are wearing many hats and the courses provided helpful insight on how to make the most of your given resources. There were five courses within this program, and the ones that stood out were the case studies provided by the speakers. In particular, Alan Breslauer of Nelson Hardiman spoke on how a young associate built a new practice group within her firm in three years. This one associate’s vision turned into a strategic plan with the help of the firm’s marketing and business development team. With firm backing, she was able to position herself in an industry as an expert and ultimately bring in new business. The overarching theme to this presentation was that when clear, short-term goals are set they are more likely to be accomplished and serve as stepping stones to the larger goal – new business.

There was also a panel presentation for “Punching Above Your Weight.” Barbara Joseph from Bowles Rice LLP presented a recent success story showcasing the power of Google Adword. Her firm capitalized on the experience of one of its partners in order to take advantage of a unique opportunity in the market place. In order to optimize exposure, the marketing and business development team utilized Google Adword. Ultimately, these efforts had a successful click-through rate and positioned her firm as the go-to firm for this  particular market.

For those that have always wondered if attending the pre-conference is worth it – the answer is yes! These sessions are content-focused and provide you with the opportunity to network with your peers across the country in similar roles. The courses are interactive and engaging. You will leave the pre-con with clear take-aways, unique ideas to implement at your firm, and new contacts in our industry.

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