Positioning Yourself for Success – Get to Know Bruce Segall

Segall Bruce 2018.jpgMeet Bruce Segall, President of Marketing Sense, who spends his professional time helping enhance the online presence and reputation of lawyers and law firms. But Bruce also reminds marketers of the importance of personal time, and how he has achieved the elusive work/life balance. 

Can you tell us about how you got involved in LMA leadership? How has the LMA benefited your own professional development?

I joined the LMA in 2012 and had the serendipitous pleasure of speaking with Nancy Slome at the holiday party that year. Nancy is the Vice President of Content Strategy at Jaffe and a longtime LMA member and supporter. She advised me to become involved and suggested getting involved in New York programming. I spent two years as part of that group and have taken on other local leadership roles since then. 

As the Small Firm SIG chair in New York, I used our panels as a valuable content source for developing my own articles, which I then posted on LinkedIn, enabling me strengthen my own brand. All of the LMA monthly programs provide me with the additional opportunity to stay up to speed on valuable areas impacting our industry that my client work does not currently cove, such as AI and CRM, for example.

What do you love most about what you do?

I love helping people articulate their professional story in a more compelling way. Once an attorney or professional has a persuasive elevator speech, they may experience higher self-esteem and are often more successful at business development. I write many LinkedIn profiles and enjoy looking back at the ones that tell the most interesting stories. 

How do you achieve work/life balance?

As I have been working for many decades, work/life balance is more critical than ever. I almost never answer a work email on Saturday. Instead, I often take long recreational bike rides in the suburbs and focus 100% on scenery, safety and camaraderie – no work. During the week, I turn off my phone and computer off at 10pm and almost rarely check email before 7:45am. I use an old-fashioned alarm clock to avoid the temptation. 

What has been the key to your success?

I have always been very resourceful in finding creative ways, to get things done quickly and on a budget. I also make a concerted effort to maintain good relationships over long periods of time, even if it’s just a yearly email to say hello. I believe in maintaining good or civil relationships wherever possible.  You never know who will resurface in a job later where you will need cooperation to be successful.

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