Podcast Series Review: Legal Marketing Launch

Legal Marketing Launch with Bentley Tolk is a podcast of interviews with law firm rainmakers, in-house legal marketing professionals, marketing and business development consultants, and service providers.

I first discovered the podcast after Nancy Mryland was interviewed about Twitter Secrets for Lawyers and she posted her interview to an online legal marketing group. Since first discovering the show, I download podcasts and listen to them while riding the metro, cleaning my house and walking in my neighborhood.

I think creating the show is genius! Bentley is an ERISA and employment litigator. There is a limited audience who is interested in the topic of ERISA, but a large audience that is interested in legal marketing.

Bentley recently interviewed Renee Phillips a lawyer at my firm Orrick, about “How to Use Social Media at a Large Law Firm,” and I asked her about her experience. Renee said Bentley reached out to her after she did a webcast on whistleblowing and internal investigations, her practice focus. In advance of her interview, Bentley sent Renee an outline of the general questions he covers with everyone, but their conversation was not off a script, it took its own direction into social media based on her answers. Renee says that “Bentley was a great interviewer and I enjoyed our conversation. The prep for the interview was also valuable because I had to think about my business development strategies and what has worked the best for me.”

For me, when I think about the podcasts I have heard, one of the shows that stands out is Bentley’s interview with Matthew Pollard about his 5-Step System for Rapid Growth. Matthew talks about your lawyers making a list of all their clients who sing their praises (they give them recommendations and referrals) and then also writing down the names of the people they make unbelievable money from. Look at those names. What are the similarities – customer segments? Matthew advises getting two different color pens. With one color, circle all the names who give your lawyers great reviews and referrals. Then with the other pen, circle the names of those who make your lawyers unbelievable money. Who has both circles? Pick a group that has both colors. What your lawyers do for these clients that is above and beyond (not functional, but what do they do?). What is the higher level benefit of what your lawyers do? What is their succinct message of what they do that is your differentiator? That is your lawyer’s business development sweet spot!

Legal Marketing Launch has over 130 podcasts to listen to variety of insights. While there is plenty of learning and sharing currently available, I am still looking forward to who Bentley interviews next!

By Helena M. Lawrence, Senior Marketing & Business Development Manager at Orrick for the July/August 2016 Issue of the Capital Ideas Newsletter.

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