Using Multimedia Drives Enagement

On the eighth day of social & digital media, Alaina Blekicki of Lowenstein Sandler shares her top tip for increasing social engagement and the one tool she cannot live without.

What is a tool that supports your social and digital marketing efforts that you cannot live without?

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Coming off of five years in consumer public relations and elementary education, entering the world of legal marketing can be intimidating. I had spent countless years crafting social media posts for national companies that promoted products such as high-end boots, luxury cars, and organic pet food. While teaching, most of my writing consisted of documenting the activities of my 1st and 3rd grade students to report back to their parents. Since I’d been working with light-hearted, easy topics for so long, the prospect of being responsible for content that required a broader scope of knowledge of the industry was a challenge that I was eager to take on. However, while the subject matter changed drastically, I quickly noticed one thing that hadn’t change: using multimedia drives engagement.

One of the top tips that I always advise the attorneys at my firm to do is to include a relevant image. Experience has taught me that in order to increase likes and drive conversation to a post, a relevant image is key. This could be a photo taken with a personal camera, a stock image, or even a graphic.

I’ve found that often times, people are intimidated by the thought of designing and creating their own graphic, which is completely understandable, considering graphic design skills can take some time. In order to alleviate these fears, I send them in the direction of my favorite social marketing tool that makes my life – and my job – so much easier: Canva.

I have been using Canva since 2015. Not only is Canva simple to use, but most of its useful features are free. Additional downloads and premium images are available with a paid account, but you can get back to basics at no cost to you. This simple tool made launching the Instagram account for the country’s leading brand of heavy-duty motor oil a breeze. Canva allows you to easily create images that are sized specifically for the social platform that you are posting on. It provides you with editing tools that allow you to layer text and shapes over photos that you upload and on photos that you pull from their large internal library. If you are really in a time crunch, you can even use one of their thousands of templates for a variety of projects, including flyers, logos, infographics, announcements, invites, presentations and more.

In the legal industry, Canva has been especially helpful in branding attorney photos with our firm logo, as well as creating photo collages for social posts promoting the firm’s pro bono work and company events.

What is one resource you recommend to legal marketers who want to learn more about social and digital media?

While I am still relatively new to the legal field, the resource that I have found most helpful in learning more strategies and tactics for social and digital marketing is the

Legal Marketing Association’s (LMA) Strategies+ Blog. This blog is neatly organized and provides you with information on a variety of topics, including trendspotting, technology management, business developments, social media strategies, and leadership, among others. It delivers content via blog and podcast, so it appeals to a range of users. The bloggers post frequently and on issues that are timely and relevant, but do so in a conversational way so as not to leave the reader bored with stale writing.

The articles tell stories in an honest and relatable fashion, while providing answers to the questions that you went looking for. Apart from its Strategies+ Blog, LMA is a fantastic resource for young legal marketers who are looking to learn more and network within their industry. Whether you purchase an annual membership or pay per event, LMA offers a large number of seminars, workshops and conferences that can help you strengthen your knowledge, relationships and career. Sessions range from aligning your social strategy with your business development goals to analyzing web traffic data and applying it to your content strategy to engaging your stakeholders online. Most events are regional and are also offered in a webinar format.

While I still have a lot to learn and am growing my digital marketing skills to best fit the needs of my firm, I am confident that I am able to do so with resources such as Canva and LMA at my disposal. Luckily in the digital world, these resources are only expanding.

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ABOUT Alaina Blekicki

Alaina Blekicki is the Digital Media Specialist for Lowenstein Sandler LLP where she leads the firm’s social media and website efforts consistent with brand and content strategies. Prior to joining Lowenstein, Alaina spent several years as a public relations and social media account manager at Coyne Public Relations and The S3 Agency, servicing national clients in the automotive, pet and fashion industries, and was also a first and third grade teacher in Newark, NJ.

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