Increase Social Engagement with Free Design Tools

On the sixth day of social & digital media, Madison Minner of Newmeyer & Dillion shares the importance of using visuals in social media - and how easy it can be.

What is a tool that supports your social and digital marketing efforts that you cannot live without?

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Did you know the use of visuals with social posts increases engagement by 80%?  Because the ultimate goal of our social strategy is to connect with our community, eye catching visuals are a key component of every post we share.  While we use numerous tools that support our social and digital marketing efforts, there is only one that I use almost daily... Canva!  Canva is a super user friendly (and affordable) design tool that helps me create and resize images in minutes.  We could spend hours agonizing over these images making them just right with adobe creative suite, allocate a chunk of our budget for graphic design work, or we could simply log in to Canva and quickly modify one of their thousands of free templates to create something unique.  While there is a paid version with extra features, many elements of Canva are completely free including tons of stock images, icons and templates.  Utilizing Canva for our social and digital campaigns has allowed me to deliver value by streamlining the process for creating images and boost the impact of our social and digital marketing efforts.


What is one resource you recommend to legal marketers who want to learn more about social and digital media?

While I hate to sound like I’m providing a canned response, the Legal Marketing Association is the number one resource for legal marketers looking to learn more about social and digital media.  Not only does LMA equip its members with free educational podcasts and webinars, as well as discounted programs and conferences, but it also establishes a community for its members to connect with peers, consultants and technology providers with the same professional interests & goals.  Members also have the opportunity to join Shared Interest Groups that meet in person & virtually to share best practices, network and continue their legal marketing education.  The Social & Digital Media SIG is an excellent resource for those looking to develop into a leader in social & digital media.  I would encourage everyone to take a look at their recent webinars which are recorded throughout the year and can be accessed anytime!


Madison Minner

ABOUT  Madison Minner

Madison Minner is a Marketing Coordinator at Newmeyer & Dillion, a mid-size law firm with offices in Newport Beach, Walnut Creek and Las Vegas.  At N&D she works closely with the firm’s attorneys, management & the marketing team to develop and implement various marketing and communications initiatives.  Madison is responsible for event management, social media, graphic design, advertisements, and branded collateral materials.  In addition to her work at N&D, Madison also serves as the Director of Communications on the local steering committee for the Southern California group and Chair of the West Region Communications Committee.  Outside of legal marketing she volunteers with Make-A-Wish Orange County and the Inland Empire, including leading their Young Professionals group.

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Be on the lookout!

The Social & Digital Media SIG is excited to host a cocktail meetup at the Annual Conference in 2019. Details to come.

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