Making a List and Checking it Twice

On the fifth day of social & digital media, Olivia Rubio-Finn of Deborah Gaines Associates talks about building brand, exploring new opportunities in social media, and her 2019 social and digital checklist.

What is on the list of your top priorities in social and digital media for 2019?

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This year has been an exciting period of development for Deborah Gaines Associates. Initially founded as a content provider for law firm websites, we have begun to pivot toward content strategy consulting, both on its own and in combination with full-service editorial projects. To rebrand and differentiate ourselves in a highly competitive market, we brought on a digital consultant (the talented Andrea Braden of Maker Creative Co.), who is working with us to relaunch our website and expand our social media presence.

While we are continuing to assert ourselves on LinkedIn, which has always been the bedrock of corporate social media, we’re just now getting our feet wet on Instagram. Truth be told, it took some convincing from our consultant to experiment with a platform dominated by influencers and startups. Our work is word-heavy, not image-heavy, and certainly not flashy or #aesthetic.  But our consultant reminded us that everything we do has "'gram" potential, from graphic representations of our company’s ethos to client testimonials and even holiday gift tips. Now, we’re slowly but surely gaining a strong following on Instagram, building our brand and accessing new markets. 

As we look to 2019, we’re primarily focusing on high-level content creation. It’s easy to argue that every social-related task is a top priority, but attracting and retaining followers requires truly compelling, up-to-the-minute content. As Andrea says, “Dull, stagnant content won’t persuade anyone to scroll through your page or follow you, let alone become an advocate for your brand.” Thus our social/digital checklist for 2019: What does our audience want to see, and how does that dovetail with what differentiates us in the marketplace? How can we create content to convey those ideas and implement it on the appropriate platform(s)?

What is one resource you recommend to legal marketers who want to learn more about social and digital media?

We depend on, an online, subscription-based learning platform.

All social platforms are not created equal – there’s a world of difference between Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and their various supplementary apps/programs – so knowing how to effectively leverage each platform for the audiences they engage is key to social/digital marketing success. offers courses on everything from content strategy to marketing advice and optimization tips, helping you transform your platforms into true beacons for your brand. And if you’re interested in formal training as a social media manager, marketer, or content strategist, Hootsuite just released an official social marketing certification that’s gotten excellent reviews. 

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Olivia Rubino-Finn is a project manager for Deborah Gaines Associates, supervising editorial projects and ensuring best practices in digital and print media. Her background also includes theatre management and producing, and she has contributed to a diverse array of theatrical pieces. |

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