Data has its Place

On the third day of social & digital media we hear from Laura Toledo of Nilan Johnson Lewis PA. Laura shares her thoughts on how data supports the bigger picture. 

What is on the list of your top priorities in social and digital media for 2019?

LinkedIn Digital Ads! We’ve done a few trial runs, and now it’s officially being integrated into our 2019 marketing plan.

What metric(s) do you find most valuable when tracking your social and digital media successes?


There is value in using data analytics to track campaign success – but it’s not the be all/end all. Data can give you insight into the visibility that your posts garner and the potential reach it has. It can also be very confusing and overwhelming, especially when you may not have access to industry benchmarks or even your own benchmarks (or when you’re a smaller shop like us where you don’t have access to expensive tools, and you’re DIY-ing it). To me, the data supports what you’re hearing from your lawyers. We do a lot of PR here, so a job-well-done is getting an email from a client about seeing one of our attorney’s names in a national publication.  

What is one resource you recommend to legal marketers who want to learn more about social and digital media?

This isn’t a straight answer: it really depends! I’m a tactical learner, which means I need to investigate the tools myself. Blogs and articles are well and good, but as much as I love reading, that’s not how I learn. I suggest finding someone you admire, or perhaps volunteer for an LMA position in the space. Trial by fire has always been a great way for me to learn. Others might do better by reading one specific blog from an expert or following the listserv in this wonderful SIG. But even all those suggestions come down to something in common: LMA. Speaking to and learning from your colleagues might just be the best way to earn your digital marketing chops.

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Laura Toledo is the Marketing & Communications Manager for Nilan Johnson Lewis PA, a mid-size law firm in the Minneapolis market. At NJL, she manages the firm’s robust public relations program, which includes integration with her firm’s content program and digital channels and platforms. She also works with the firm’s associates to develop individual business development plans as part of NJL’s strategic initiative. And finally, she’s been hailed as the “RFP Queen” within her firm for 2018. Laura has been an active part of LMA since her career began – she’s currently a Director for LMA’s Midwest Region, and former co-chair of this very SIG!

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The Social & Digital Media SIG is excited to host a cocktail meetup at the Annual Conference in 2019. Details to come.

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