Stay Organized with a Social Media Calendar

On the second day of social & digital media we hear from  Meghan Spradling of Miller Nash Graham & Dunn. Meghan shares how she and her team utilizes a social media calendar to build out their social media platforms.

What is a tool that supports your social and digital media marketing effors that you cannot live without?

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My favorite tool to use to manage our social and digital marketing efforts is, surprisingly enough, my Outlook calendar. As blog posts, event notifications, accolades, etc., come into my email box, I calendar them out in Outlook under a color-coded “SOCIAL” appointment. Then, each Monday, I send a note to the Miller Nash Graham & Dunn  marketing team with a calendar of social media postings for the week. This gives our team the opportunity to fill in the blanks where I may be missing something (our team is split between the firm's two largest offices) and serves as a reminder to secure photos for sponsorships, events, and more. It’s proven to be wildly successful in upping our game on our three major platforms and provides the opportunity to ensure that we’re showcasing people, community efforts, etc., from all four of our offices. It also helps with content creation and repurposing of content as we can see what’s coming down the pipeline and where we need to fill gaps.

What is on the list of your top priorities in social and digital media for 2019?

In 2019, our firm will be rolling out a volunteer campaign initiative, bringing more visibility to the great works that our people and offices are doing in the communities we serve. This campaign will include attorney and staff spotlights where we focus on individual efforts, combined with posts (and hopefully video!) of the office- and firm-wide activities we’re doing throughout the year. We will have a dedicated hashtag and encourage our people to share their community efforts on social media throughout the campaign.

What is one resource you recommend to legal marketers who want to learn more about social and digital media?

In addition to involvement with the Social Media SIG, I highly recommend setting up a list on Twitter of social and digital media rockstars, both in and out of the legal space. I regularly read posts from Good2Be Social, Clearview Social, HootSuite, Forbes, etc. that help drive our social efforts within the firm. The best part about a Twitter list is that you can continue to grow and build your list as you discover new companies and individuals making an impact in the social and digital media space.

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ABOUT Meghan Spradling

Meghan is the marketing and communications specialist for Miller Nash Graham & Dunn. She is responsible for strategic marketing and communications initiatives, including brand execution, event management, the firm’s social media program, and graphic design for proposals, advertisements, and other collateral. Over the past ten years, Meghan has facilitated numerous sessions on branding and social media, with an emphasis on non-profit and legal industries. She currently serves as the co-chair of LMANext, a network for emerging legal marketing professionals, and immediate past chair for the Legal Marketing Association Northwest Chapter.

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