Optimize Landing Pages for Better Results

On the 10th day of social & digital media, Jaron Rubenstein of RubyLaw reminds us to pay attention to our landing pages - they can make or break  business development results.

What is on the list of your top priorities in social and digital media for 2019?

12 days Day 10

In 2019 we plan to further leverage analytics to make better decisions about where to prioritize our content marketing strategy across all channels, including web/digital content, social media, paid media, and overall marketing spend. We already evaluate content performance, but plan to do so across a wider array of criteria, and use that information to make smarter decisions about what topics to cover in our editorial calendar for 2019.

We’ll be using a combination of Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, HubSpot, and (our own) RubyApps Analytics to evaluate what media performed best in 2019. These, in turn, will help our Marketing and Business Development team to plan our editorial calendar, and manage our media spend, for the coming year. With tools like these, along with solutions like our legal industry-focused platform, RubyLaw, we’re able to aggregate content and analytics across systems to provide a more comprehensive view of marketing content performance and drive actionable decision-making.

One thing we learned from conversations with prospects in 2018, is that many marketers tend to overlook campaign landing pages, whether custom pages for specific social media initiatives or simply news or publication links on their websites. With a greater percentage of visitors accessing websites through these entry points other than homepages, it’s important to analyze the performance of these pages and ensure you have a prominent Calls To Action (CTA) on them.

This can help drive marketing and business development results, and it’s something we recommend to all of our clients—it’s also something we anticipate doing more of for our RubyLaw clients in 2019.

What is one resource you recommend to legal marketers who want to learn more about social and digital media?

As a listener and occasional interviewee, I’d recommend that legal marketers invest more time consuming podcasts. With your attention often demanded and divided, podcasts are great ways to quickly and effectively digest useful, informative, and sometimes entertaining content—even while on-the-go.

We’ve written about it and even discussed it on the RubyApps Insights podcast, including how and why to create your own.

From the perspective of which to listen to, legal marketers should tune into Good2BSocial’s Legal Marketing 2.0 podcast, which presents trends and insights from within the vertical. At the same time, we suggest looking beyond legal at other topics and categories, including NPR’s Note to Self, Deloitte’s User Friendly, or Gimlet’s Reply All for tech; any of these marketing-focused podcasts; or several of these top-rated shows on sundry topics.

2018 12 Days Day 10 Jaron Rubenstein

ABOUT  Jaron Rubenstein

As President and Founder of RubensteinTech, and Creator of RubyLaw, Jaron leads the growth and development of the business while also setting the strategic vision. Since founding the company in 2002, he has seen his small startup expand beyond consulting services into a 30-person, best-in-class enterprise software firm.

Trained as a software engineer, his expertise runs the gamut from advising C-suite officers on information technology strategy to managing the details of complex code in modern development languages and systems. Jaron also mentors junior team members on topics ranging from Linux systems administration to network security.

Previously, Jaron was a software engineer at Lockheed Martin and Reuters.

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