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Want to connect with and learn from a growing group of more than 70 professionals within the LMA community? Then consider joining our newest SIG – The Plaintiff Firm SIG!

This SIG is open to any marketing professional, no matter the size of the firm that the marketer represents or team they manage in the plaintiff firm space. It provides a discussion forum so plaintiff firm marketers can learn from each other and offer support, as well as utilize additional resources to aid in success. Shared Interest Groups (SIGs) are perfect opportunities to interact like-minded professionals and can be a catalyst in shared and personal growth. 

Plaintiff Firm SIG members Can Expect: 

  • A forum to ask questions, share ideas and gain best practices with more than 70 plaintiff firm marketers
  • Recent articles and resources, such as infographics and other documents disclosing the latest in the plaintiff firm practice 
  • Educational programming, such as podcasts and webinars 

"I appreciated the Plaintiff legal marketer content. THANK YOU." - LMA Plaintiff Firm Webinar Attendee 

Take the next steps in your firm's success -- and your own. Join The Plaintiff Firm SIG

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