Member Spotlight: Navera Sabir

This month, the LMA West Region is excited to feature Navera Sabir, Marketing Specialist at Wilke Fleury! Navera is a member of the Sacramento city group that is part of the LMA Bay Area local group. Read more about this rapidly-rising legal marketing star!

How did you get started in the legal Marketing industry?

I started my career at the City of Elk Grove, interning for Mayor Patrick Hume. Through that first job I began working with the Public Relations Department and upon graduation – when I started looking for a full-time job in Marketing - the Public Relations Manager at the City of Elk Grove recommended a Marketing Coordinator position at Downey Brand LLP. I haven’t been able to break away from the Legal Marketing industry since!


What aspect of Marketing & Business Development are you most passionate about?

Perspective.  I am most passionate about developing a deep understanding of a firm and its attorneys before creating Marketing and Business Development initiatives. People, products and services are elastic and unique to their benefit - developing perspective to figure out which piece fits where [or creating a new piece entirely!] is the most fun and fulfilling part of my career. Cookie-cutter Marketing & Business Development initiatives are my worst nightmare!


What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

I have been lucky to have great advisors around me throughout my career – most recently, the best advice I have received was on fulfilling ‘who you are’ before ‘where you work.’ By engaging with community outside the professional world of legal Marketing and working on projects I am passionate about – I am able to be ‘who I am’ and bring that benefit to ‘where I work.’ An opportunity to create impact - community engagement does translate into professional skill and the relationships made through the diverse tracks of involvement are as good as gold! 


What is one of the biggest challenges you face, and how to you tackle it?

Time-Management. I dedicate myself fully to a role once involved, and managing several concurrent roles has been challenging to say the least. Between my position as Marketing Specialist at Wilke Fleury LLP, serving as a Marketing and Event Planning volunteer at a local non-profit educational institution [Tarbiya Institute], being a student in a part-time Marketing program at UC Berkeley, and studying in an Islamic Apprenticeship Program – I think my secret superpower is maximizing efficiency and making the most of every minute that exists in a day.


What is the greatest challenge that Legal Marketers are currently facing?

FOMO – Fear of Missing Out. The Marketing landscape at large is changing so fast that anyone in a Marketing position is forever scrambling to keep up. While it’s critical to keep up with changing trends to ensure successful Marketing initiatives - a dangerous trap Marketers fall into is the FOMO aspect of wanting to do something because it’s ‘what everyone else is doing’ – Competing law firm has a video background on their website? We need one too! That law firm did headshots with no background? Time to schedule our photoshoots! It’s definitely necessary to stay on top of what’s happening but crucial to realize that it isn’t always beneficial to mimic – especially when you may not have the time or resources to do it properly.


What is your favorite part of being a member of LMA?

Congeniality. LMA members instantly connect through the unique nature of our positions within law firms and almost every single member works through the same set of challenges across the board. The connections result in a great sense of congeniality where we meet not only to learn the latest and greatest in the industry but to connect with tips and tricks to make the day to day a little bit easier.


What would people be most surprised to learn about you?

English isn’t my first language. While I was born in Sacramento, my parents were immigrants who raised me to speak Urdu until I started Kindergarten. An addiction to reading, talking too much, and studying first English then Rhetoric at UC Berkeley polished off my speaking and writing skill to the point that it’s typically unbelievable that I didn’t start off with the phrase ‘conversion rate optimization’ right at birth.

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