Member Spotlight: Moira Cue

This quarter, the LMA West Region is excited to feature Moira Cue, Director of Business Development at Yukevich | Cavanaugh, a litigation boutique firm with more than 35 attorneys across 3 offices in California.

MoiraCue_headshot.jpgHow did you get into Legal Marketing?

It was a true Hollywood-discovery type story. Except instead of being offered a movie role, a woman walked into our local coffee shop, and asked if I would like an entry-level job in legal marketing.

I wound up at Ogletree Deakins in Joe Beachboard’s office in Torrance. During the next six years, our Client Services Team would help the Tier 1 L&E firm double its attorney headcount. I had the opportunity to work with dozens of highly educated, very specialized folks on Joe’s team who taught me most everything I know in the legal marketing arena.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I am most passionate about helping attorneys make more money.

What role does communication play, both internally and externally, in your position?

In my current role with Yukevich | Cavanaugh, effective communication with the partners and director of administration has been absolutely critical; I send weekly written reports to help keep me accountable for progress on concrete goals. We are a litigation-focused boutique with a Tier 1 product liability rank, and I’m the firm’s first director of business development. The firm’s managing partner, Jim Yukevich, is open to and enthusiastic about all things marketing-related. He and Vivian Powers, our administrator, have empowered me to do all-attorney and partner marketing presentations and internal BD coaching.

On the external side, I’ve worked with the Above the Law blog to publish an article on differentiating between diversity, professionalism and inclusion, as well as the typical client alerts, brochures and such. And we’re working on a website relaunch. Communication is visual, it’s digital, and it’s personal. Everything we do in legal marketing involves communication on some level.

What is one of your favorite pastimes?

Right now, a lot of energy goes into my art studio. I’m having fun with a series of abstract paintings I started in 2014 (portfolio link here:

Pick three words to describe yourself.

Smart, talented, and goal-oriented.

What was your first paying job?

I was around four or five, and my older brother subcontracted me to sit at a booth and help him sell apples from our trees. We charged 25 cents an apple. At the end of my shift he “traded” me the quarters for dimes, which I thought was a good deal. Because dimes were smaller and therefore cuter.

If you were to take a sabbatical, what would you do with your time?

My whole family lives in Madison, Wisconsin, except for me. I get homesick. Time off usually involves going back to the Midwest to spend more time with my mom, dad, brothers, and nieces and nephews.

If you had a superhero power, what would it be?

I would choose a toned-down version of the mind control power of the villain Kilgrave from season one of Jessica Jones. I would use my power for good, in a subtle and highly discretionary manner.

What actress would play you in a movie?

A complete unknown.

What is your favorite board game?


Do you have any holiday traditions? If so, tell us about your favorites.

Since I moved to LA in 2005 I’ve gone home to Madison for most every Christmas. My dad, who just turned 85, has always loved giving presents, wrapping presents, and watching us open them. Every year my older brother Marty gets some huge box from my dad that turns out to be wrapped like Russian dolls—boxes inside boxes inside boxes. We all think this is very funny.

There’s always laughs, and usually Scrabble or one of our family friend Al Waller’s games (Apples to Apples, Snake Oil, etc.). And my mom makes amazing food from Martha Stewart or America’s Test Kitchen recipes. We always drink Fortune Delight and Calli (healthy, quality teas made from Chinese herbs, manufactured in Torrance).

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