Member Spotlight: Meet Dan Gruber

Q: Why did you join the local steering committee (LSC)?
A: LMA is an outstanding resource for professional development and being co-director of programming will allow me to serve the organization locally. I attend the national conference every year and am looking forward to bringing some of the great sessions and speakers to Minnesota.

Q: Favorite way to spend a free lunch hour?
In the summer, I like to walk across the Stone Arch Bridge. In the winter, I like to sit in front of the fireplace in Zelle’s café and catch up with my colleagues.

Q: One Thing You Listen to Every Day?
My commute into work is an hour plus each way, so I love a good podcast. Always looking for recommendations if you have any!

Q: Favorite Restaurant?
Locally, it’s Café Lurcat. Their miso sea bass is fantastic. In the entire world, it’s Joe Allen in New York.

Q: Favorite Vacation Spot?
A: New York City. I live on a farm and I try to get to New York for a couple of weeks a year to see shows, go to museums, and eat at my favorite restaurants – none of which I can do in rural Minnesota.

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Member Spotlight: Meet Dan Gruber