Member Spotlight: Jennifer Bergman

This rendition of our Member Spotlight features Jennifer Bergman, who recently relocated to Orange County from the Dallas area to take on the role of California Marketing Manager at Snell & Wilmer.  Adjusting to her new surroundings, Jennifer has been eager to get to know her peers within LMA.  I was lucky enough to make her list and off we went to happy hour! 

  1. How did you start working in the legal industry? 
    I worked at a law firm in high school, so I had some exposure to the law firm environment. I earned my degree in journalism and marketing and after graduating I applied for a legal marketing role.  Also, my older brother and his wife are lawyers, so it was a familiar industry to me.

  2. What advice would you offer to someone new to the industry?
    You have to have thick skin and be tenacious.  Don’t give up when things get difficult. You will want to cultivate resilience, and understand that the projects that are important need a long term approach. 

  3. Why did you join LMA and is it the same reason you are still a member?
    I initially joined LMA to develop a network of people going through the same stuff I was. Not only was LMA a resource for education, but it offered the opportunity to develop networking skills and really grow both professionally and personally. My LMA membership makes me better at my job.  I am 100% still involved for the same reasons today. The relationships that you make just get stronger.  Now I am even more aware of the education aspect, value of staying up to date with industry trends, and learning what my peers are going through.

  4. What would people be most surprised to learn about you? 
    I think people would be surprised that I grew up running competitive track. I started when I was 8 years old and even went to the Amateur Athletic Union Junior Olympics. Eventually I developed tendinitis in both knees and as of about 4 years ago I was forced to give it up.

  5. What is your favorite thing to do when you are not at work?
    Originally from Kansas, and having just left my second home in Dallas, my answer to this one has changed.  Since moving to Orange County my favorite thing to do outside of the office is really just exploring new areas all over Southern California & of course getting to know new people!
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