Member Profile: Katy Hospital, Graphic Designer, Miller & Chevalier

K. Hospital - LinkedIn.jpgKaty Hospital says she enjoys her job as graphic designer at Miller & Chevalier in Washington, DC, because she can tackle an ever-changing variety of projects, including those that involve brand management, which she says is one of her primary professional interests.

“This firm is very graphics-friendly and brand-oriented,” Hospital says. “We recently rebranded with a new logo, new colors, and a visual suite that is very clean and modern. It's a really creatively fulfilling atmosphere in which to work.”

Hospital, who grew up in the Maryland suburbs of DC and holds a bachelor’s degree in English and Digital Art and Multimedia Design from La Salle University in Philadelphia, says the firm is committed to using graphics in a wide variety of applications, both in its work for its clients and in its marketing materials.

“For example, we publish a Tax Survey and a Latin America Corruption Survey, and both involve the use of infographics,” she says. She says a basic principle of all the firm’s design work is that it should function equally well in print or online so things can be easily published in multiple channels.

Hospital worked in the design field for a government contractor and a health care consulting firm before landing her first legal marketing job – at BuckleySandler in 2010. She stayed at BuckleySandler for nearly five years, starting as a marketing coordinator, then being promoted to senior marketing technology administrator. BuckleySandler was engaged in a rebranding process at the time and its marketing department was fairly lean, so she got immediate branding, marketing technology and web development experience there. This helped her develop the skills to make her move to Miller & Chevalier in April 2015.

Over the years, Hospital has developed specific preferences in the best use of graphic design.

“I like flat, clean design with smart use of white space and typography,” she says. “Just think of Apple as an example. There’s no reason to use graphics just for graphics’ sake.”

She says the number one trend in digital marketing for law firms in this decade is the importance of content marketing and “leveraging work across all venues when lawyers write an article or anything else – LinkedIn, Twitter, the firm’s website, a blog – any place where you get your point across in a valuable way.”

“It used to be harder to ask lawyers to participate in social media and digital marketing. Now they're incredibly savvy about the potential and ask, ‘How can I make this idea really count?’ So we help them work smarter, not harder, and get the most out of their content,” says Hospital.

By Jonathan Groner, PR Specialist and Freelance Writer, for the July/August 2016 issue of the Capital Ideas Newsletter.


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Member Profile: Katy Hospital, Graphic Designer, Miller & Chevalier

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