Member Profile: Katie Castillo

Name:  Katie CastilloCastillo_Katie_2x3.jpg

Title / Firm: Business Development Specialist at Baker Donelson

Years in legal marketing: 5

What types of networking / volunteer work do you do in and outside of legal marketing?

Inside of legal marketing, I serve on the board of the Mid-Atlantic Region for the LMA. Outside of Legal Marketing I raise funds for Moveable Feast and participate in a 140-mile bike ride, Ride for the Feast. This year I managed to raise nearly $2000 to go directly towards client services, i.e. feeding those who are suffering with serious homebound illnesses.

How do they overlap, complement and/or support each other? 

I am thankful that my firm supports my endeavors in this volunteer work and the goals of the non-profit as a whole with monetary donations as well as visible support throughout the firm and community.

Do you have any examples where your networking / volunteer work with a non legal organization created an opportunity for you, your attorneys and practice group at large? 

So far my work with Moveable Feast has not led to any new matters that I have seen directly, but you never know when that may show up because of a conversation I had while pedaling alongside someone who started as a stranger and finished as a friend.

What advice would you give LMA members about networking / volunteering

Find a cause you are passionate about and use your strengths to support it. Don’t feel pressure to always ‘talk business.’ It’s exactly like we tell our attorneys, it’s all about relationships, so be yourself and learn about others and you may be surprised about the ways in which your career can be supported and your life can be enriched.

By Michelle McWhinney, Founder, Navigate Recruiting LLC for the May/June 2017 LMA Mid-Atlantic Region Newsletter

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