Member Profile: David Pray, Chief Transformational Officer, Bailey & Glasser

David PrayDavid Pray was recently hired by Charleston, West Virginia, based law firm Bailey & Glasser as “Chief Transformational Officer” — championing the growing firm’s continuous improvement initiatives and related lean initiatives.

He came to Bailey & Glasser through a circuitous route. In 2007, as CEO of PrayWorks, LLC, he organized the renovation of a 30,000 square-foot historic building in Charleston into an office for Bailey & Glasser. The relationship with Bailey & Glasser grew as Pray provided expert testimony in the area of construction defects for the firm and offered growth management leadership through the Adizes organization, a management consulting group where he also works as an associate. At Bailey & Glasser, Pray, with the Adizes organization, led a broad-based diagnostic process involving 25 lawyers and employees from all areas of the organization to initially identify the Potential Improvement Points(PIPs), put a well-defined process in place to verify whether identified PIPs were accurate, and then solve them.

Last year, Bailey & Glasser hired Pray for the newly created position of Chief Transformational Officer, which is a role he had been fulfilling as a third party for years. Part of his responsibilities involve helping with the structure for business development, so he decided joining the Legal Marketing Association would be a good way to learn more. Dave just joined the LMA and is looking forward to attending the upcoming convention in Las Vegas.

Bailey & Glasser has offices in West Virginia, Massachusetts, Delaware, St. Louis, New York, Alabama, Pennsylvania, and Washington, DC. Its attorneys do both defense and plaintiff work, representing governments, businesses and individuals, with a focus on complex commercial and class-action litigation.

By Amanda Arwood, Senior Business Development Manager, Troutman Sanders

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