Spotlight on Michelle Bell, Marketing Manager, Will Davidson LLP

What is the primary responsibility of your current role?

In my role as Marketing Manager I get to wear many different hats. My role is divided up as an event planner, marketing strategist, business developer and marketing planner. I am the sole individual in the position and on any given day I may be faced with wearing one hat or many different hats depending on the task at hand. What is also quite interesting about the role is I represent a firm that has two opposing practices, personal injury and insurance defence. As a result; I have to be quite creative when developing and executing on campaigns that will impact both sides.

What do you love about your work?

I love the challenge this role presents as it relates to the main practice areas our lawyers represent. I have been fortunate to attend industry events for both plaintiff and defence and have created campaigns for both sides that have increased the awareness of certain practice areas that previously did not engage in marketing activities.

What is your biggest challenge at work?

My biggest challenge initially was convincing the lawyers to try non traditional methods of advertising. Since I have been with the firm we have refreshed the brand name by creating a uniformity in the way we present ourselves externally and we have increased our online presence in the communities we serve. The next phase would be to continue trying new ideas that are a little out of the comfort zone for some but necessary to remain a strong contender in such a competitive market.

What advice would you offer others entering the field?

Familiarize yourself with your firm, understand everything, know the role of each member of the firm and do not be afraid to ask questions. Once you understand the role of each individual you can then build your strategy, set your goals and execute. I also think it’s important to join a professional association in your field to network and remain knowledgeable on your industry.

When did you join LMA and how has it helped your career?

I joined LMA in 2015 and have been fortunate to meet some amazing marketers who work in competing firms as well as in Corporate firms. These seasoned individuals have graciously taught me the ins and outs of the industry. Being part of LMA has allowed me access to (SIGs) Special Interest Groups, newsletters and a magazine which covers in-depth topics related to legal marketing, keeping me informed on top trends shaping the industry. As it relates to my career my leadership skills continue to be sharpen and the opportunity to represent my firm at industry events continue to grow.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

When I am not working I enjoy spending time with my family, travelling and creating memories with my young son. I have always been passionate about helping people less fortunate and giving back to the community.

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