Meet Colleen Bidgood: LMA Boston Future Leaders Fellow

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    Name: Colleen Bidgood

    Title: Business Development & Events Coordinator         

    Firm: Nutter McClennen & Fish LLP

    LMA NE Future Leader Fellow


How did you get into Legal Marketing? I was previously working in events & marketing at a Boston Hospital in Life Sciences, and had connections with one of the Life Sciences attorneys at our firm who was able to make the connection to my current position.  

What aspect of the fellowship program are you most excited about? I am looking forward to the opportunity to learn from and network with other young professionals in this industry with different experiences and backgrounds.    

What’s the greatest bit of advice a parent or mentor has given you? At my very first job, one of my coworkers was training me and said “And just remember you aren’t performing brain surgery” which has stuck with me because it has always helped me stay calm in high stress situations and puts things into perspective.

If you weren’t in Legal Marketing, what would you be doing instead? Likely working in marketing or communications in the healthcare or academic industries as that is what my background is in. 

What are three words others would use to describe you? Hard-working, Determined, Loyal

What’s your idea of a perfect day? Sitting on a beach or by the pool somewhere warm with friends (and good food and drinks)

Pick something out of your pocket/purse and explain why it's important to you. My wallet, is a nice reminder of the trip to Italy I took where I purchased it!  

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