Make Better Decisions with Data Science: Leverage Tech Wisely to Win at Everything

Date: January 17, 2019
12:00 p.m. CT

Sponsored by: Client Value SIG

Domain: Marketing Management and Leadership
BoK Competencies: Department Management and Motivation, Firm Organizational Structure and Dynamics 

Dr. Zev J. Eigen, Chief Data Scientist and Founder, SYNDIO Solutions; former law professor and Chief Data Scientist at Littler Mendelson, will shed light on how data science is currently improving decision-making across organizational domains, and how to leverage technology to question the status quo, measure key performance indicators and ultimately optimize decision-making. The focus of the presentation will be on personnel decision-making: how to hire, group people in teams for optimal performance and profitability, impact pricing for legal matters and how to compensate and incentivize performance optimally, fairly and equitably. Dr. Eigen’s insights, methodologies and perspectives are as engaging and entertaining as they are educational, ensuring attendees walk away from the presentation with some new ideas and things to consider.

Learning Outcomes:
    • Identify technologies and methodologies that can be used to make sound, analytically-based decisions.
    • Describe real-world scenarios and examples where these approaches are useful.
    • Define the benefits of leveraging these sophisticated approaches in law firm management.

        Zev J. Eigen, JD PhD, Founder & Chief Data Scientist, Syndio Solutions


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