LMA Southwest Region Conference - Keynote Speaker Spotlight: Karen McCullough Presents “Develop a Remarkable Brand”

Can you believe we are only a few weeks away from kicking off Power of the Past, Force of the Future? Our members and regional leaders are looking forward to seeing everyone in Scottsdale. One of the events at this year’s conference we are eagerly anticipating is hearing from our keynote speaker, Karen McCullough, on October 4.

Karen is a dynamic speaker whose keynote speech will focus on personal branding. Karen knows branding, and she knows why great brands became great. She has worked for respected brands like Ralph Lauren, Coca Cola, and P&G, and she’ll bring her expertise to the #LMASW18 stage in October.

As Karen explains, the spotlight is on us as professionals and individuals. How we talk about our own work and how we promote and strengthen our positions in the marketplace determines our professional success. The same is true for lawyers.

According to Karen, personal branding is the top career and business strategy for success. Strategic personal branding can advance careers, develop leadership skills, and increase opportunities.

In addition to the opportunities a strong personal brand affords in the marketplace, focusing on personal branding can help individuals establish authentic relationships within an organization. A stronger brand helps individuals be recognized as leaders who can influence decisions.

Karen will break down her topic into segments on how marketers can “do better, look better, and connect better” for their own benefit and to help others within their firms succeed.

In sum, personal branding it’s a powerful tool that can be a force in your career and those of the legal professionals we work with every day.

We look forward to welcoming Karen to the legal marketing world this fall, and we hope to see you at the conference!

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