LMA Annual Conference 2019 LMASW Region Recap, Plus What to Know this Week

So, what exactly happened during the 2019 LMA Annual Conference? If you missed tipping your hat in Atlanta, our LMA Southwest Region members have you covered as they share their insights on some of the key takeaways of the conference.
Need to Know This Week
The Body of Knowledge gets an update! Check it out here.
Webinar Worth Watching
Think there’s no overlap between the legal and accounting/consulting industries? Join us for an interview with Jeri Ross, Director of Client and Market Insights at KPMG Canada. We will focus on competitive intelligence techniques and resources that work across both of our industries, as well as insights on marketing and business development on a national scale from one of the Big Four. Wednesday, April 24, 2019
Worth the Read
Read our coverage of the Annual Conference first, then read these.
"How to Grow Your Business," NY Times - Whether you're a consultant or in-house, how can you take these business models and apply them to your firm, practice or business?
"5 Myths About Strategy," - Harvard Business Review - Before you start your next strategic meeting, read this.
"Swiss government says coffee 'not essential', stockpiling to end" - Reuters - If you need a good laugh to begin your week, read this.
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