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A Map of Day Two - LMASE 2017 Charlotte

As day two of the LMASE 2017 Conference in Charlotte got started I was pleased to see that the excitement from the night before had not worn off.  If anything it had only increased as still more new faces rolled into the packed Event Hub for breakfast; this was, after all, the largest conference attendance to date. Amy Norris, LMASE 2017 President-Elect and Conference Chair, greeted everyone as we all settled in to hear form Keynote Speaker, Jordan Furlong.
Jordan spoke on "Adapting Your Law Firm to a Client First World" and there were so many takeaways from his speech that I could fill the rest of this article and at least three more sharing his insights. I highly recommend you visit the LMASE blog for a broader recap but the five most valuable pieces of information for this legal marketer were these:


1.       We must bring change forward to get things done. Be optimistic and realistic.

2.       Diversify sources of revenue and income. Introduce generational succession plans early. Strengthen the enterprise itself.

3.       Be a One Firm Firm-make your clients want to be a part of something greater than the parts.

4.       How you feel stays with you long after the interaction so upgrade the firm's user experience, track and ask for feedback then USE IT to make things better. 

And last but not least...

5.       A multi-disciplinary legal solutions enterprise provider-this is the aspiration-move towards it now. We must take steps today to become the firm of tomorrow.


At the conclusion of his speech I felt like the team's quarterback had just unveiled the winning play to cinch the game. I was energized and excited and ready to make change happen in my firm. I couldn't wait to get back to my home field to implement these ideas and winning strategies.
Several times that day I found myself wishing I had a clone or a magic wand to rewind time over and over again because choosing between the breakout session offerings was nothing short of impossible. I needed and wanted to be in them all! But I finally made my selections...
First, I chose "Leveraging Content Within An Integrated Communications Plan" because let's face it, as a single marketer unifying communications and leveraging content are a must for me, and I need all the tips I can get on streamlining for successful execution. Did you know that 96% of in-house counsel says we are all creating and sending too much information? Or that 98% of most firm employees are on social media but only 50% ever post about the firm? Really makes you think, doesn't it? So many places to leverage communication that are not being utilized. I also coveted the idea of creating materials from simply taping an attorney answering a client's question. This could be redirected as a release, a feature story and even a blog post. Oh how I love when many needs are met with one task.
Next, I learned that by understanding differences, recognizing challenges and attacking with small changes are a few of the important components of turning good managers into great leaders during "Mastering the Middle: Achieving Success Through Effective Team Management."
Then it was off to "Charting a Path for Succession Planning." I honestly couldn't wait for this session. And with 65% of those 60 and older controlling 25% of most of the firm's revenue, it was a session not to be ignored by many. So many pitfalls were discussed and solutions gleaned. The moderators shared  tactics on how to communicate and plan for the big "R" (retirement) like setting a "two-deep" rule for account succession, dealing with obstacles quickly and making updates mandatory. Also, overcoming the taboo of the subject by putting the topic on the agenda in lots of places, while also sharing success stories in the firm newsletter to highlight positives.
I ended the day with a high-impact session complete with a marshmallow challenge brain teaser and energizing round of "BUST THAT SILO" or "ASK THE CLIENT" during "Accelerate Collaboration: Driving Change One Silo Buster at a Time." The bottom line here, different mindsets and diverse skills matter. Look outside and use the resources available to you. Model the behavior you want to see. Bring in other departments to brainstorm, share success stories loud and clear, be a dot connector and recognize that everyone has a role in busting silos and driving collaborative behaviors.
Mixed into all that collaboration and learning was lunch and an LMA update with Jill Weber, LMA International President, along with the Your Honor Awards. Wow! Has the bar been set high! I was blown away by the collateral material ideas and designs, the campaigns, interactive media approaches, websites and more. You guys are good!
The day ended with Dine Around Dinners. Let me just say if this is ever an option at any conference you attend be sure to check the box to go. It was a fabulous smorgasbord of good food and networking with great people.  The perfect ending to a fabulous day. 
Lauren Wallace
Maron Marvel Bradley Anderson & Tardy LLC 
Marketing Coordinator
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