LMASE City Group Big Picture Goals Project

LMASE City Groups were asked to provide their Big Picture Goals for their respective city, and provide a picture to represent that goal! We will be sharing two each month leading up to the 2016 LMASE Regional Conference. Check out the Birmingham and Charlotte City Group Big Picture Goals!


Birmingham City Group

Our goal is to expand our reach locally and engage other groups and organizations. The theme also trickles down to our programming as we learn how to collaborate better with our attorneys, fellow marketers, and the community (Ronald McDonald).
  • Sub goals:
    • Invite law school clerks to one event focused on Business Development (May event with Jim Durham).
    • Partner with another City Group on programming (Atlanta).
    • Attend one ILTA, ALA or AMA luncheon as a group (October).
    • Partner with ILTA on a tech-related program (our July program with Robert Algeri).

Charlotte City Group
The Charlotte City Group is planning to focus on programming in 2016 in order to encourage strong meeting attendance and further promote LMA's educational and professional development mission.
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