LMASE 2016 LMA Annual Conference Scholarship Recipient Article

Sydnee Newman with Lesser, Lesser, Landy & Smith PLLC in West Palm Beach, Florida was the 2016 LMA Annual Conference Scholarship recipient. This is the second article in a series of three Sydnee has authored regarding her experience at the LMA Annual Conference in 2016.

As we all know working for attorneys, it's safest to get everything in writing, right? That includes creating tracking reports. So when we track ourselves, our clients and our efforts efficiently, we can use that data to help us with future decisions, from leaning into an event or going a different direction with a PR strategy.

According to Bloomberg Law Business Solutions, marketing budgets in the legal world have increased, and we have moved toward a more strategic and client-focused environment. No matter what type of firm or size, we all need tracking. Different tracking methods suit different agendas, but in several of this year's LMA breakout sessions, it was apparent how important different types of tracking is. I compiled some great tips from multiple breakout sessions about effective tracking and a few good reminders.

We should be tracking ourselves, our clients, our attorneys, our budgets, our website and more.

Tracking ourselves: How many events do you do per year? Is there trackable ROI? Record key factors (positive and negative) after each event; you can even utilize feedback forms for each event. You can also track increased social media followers monthly.

Tracking our clients: Remember, we are the voice of the client, so we must make sure our efforts are effective. Realistic client feedback is always needed. Take surveys. Have someone objective gather their feedback whenever possible to ensure they are being candid, and you have honest feedback.

Tracking our attorneys: Do you have a system for attorney blogging and/or networking? Can you post attorney marketing successes on an intranet system to ramp up competitiveness and get extra buy-in?

Track your website: This also helps measure your internet efforts. What are your website stats - do you see patterns? Are you getting new visitors? How is your bounce rate?

While all of this tracking is fun, it's always important to remember to measure both the spend AND the quality of our output. Be realistic. Don't track the things that aren't' moving the needle with the clients. Where you do need both quantitative and qualitative data, focus most on quality records.
Hopefully these brief tidbits made you say "oh yeah" or reminded you to set up that Excel spreadsheet you've been meaning to get to. Leverage your data! 
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