LMANE Philadelphia July Program Recap: Empowering Marketing & Business Development with Technology

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On July 19, the LMANE Philadelphia Local Steering Committee hosted an information workshop attended by legal marketing professionals in the Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Wilmington markets. The lunch program shared techniques for professionals to advocate for marketing technology in their firms and facilitate success with the technology they use. 

The panel was comprised of Katy Admirand, Director of Marketing Operations at Jackson Lewis; Drew Sammeth, Client Educator at LexisNexis; and Pam Tobias, Client Advisor at LexisNexis. Combined, they have a wealth of marketing technology knowledge and experience, and they have tackled many of the tech hurdles legal marketers face every day. 

The speakers suggested that marketers advocate for marketing technology in the following ways:

  1. Show value beyond the marketing department in the firm
  2. Show the ROI and specific results in process or outcome
  3. Be consistent and clear, and stay goal-oriented

Start by aligning marketing technology objectives with firm goals. Making a process easier for marketing is not as compelling to the firm as how something will affect the bottom line. Gain the trust of leadership by showing the value-add and successful outcomes of past projects. 

“Get as close to the attorney’s desktop and wallet as possible,” and “one-on-one training is best,” suggested Katy in a reference to training fee-earners on new marketing technology or even a technology process change. It gives you undivided attention – even if only 15 minutes – plus you can assess the style and personality of the attorney and pivot if needed. This can help overcome hurdles related to training on new systems. 

And finally, the speakers all talked about the fact that change within law firms can be slow, so aim to promote the best possible marketing technology tools that will work at your firm, perhaps tools that integrate with other systems and benefit several departments. Pilot groups can help work out the kinks and even the communication plan before new technology is rolled out firmwide. Be honest with yourself and with your lawyers about what the new tech tool will solve and don’t oversell it. Realistically, the whole firm may not become a believer in it right away, but aim for a healthy majority and work to improve your success rate as positive word gets out. 

The three key actionable items that emphasize marketing thought leadership in marketing technology covered in the program included:

  1. Be an expert in your tools. If you don’t know how to use them, you can’t show others.
  2. Show your expertise through your actions within your firm: lead by example, train and present.
  3. Be an expert outside your firm: get involved in organizations such as the LMA and ILTA.

Do you have a marketing technology success story you would like to share with your fellow LMA members? Send it to: lmanemoves@gmail.com

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