Get to Know Your #LMA19 Speakers: Robert Algeri and Dion Algeri, Partners at Great Jakes Marketing

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Robert Algeri and Dion Algeri

Partners at Great Jakes Marketing

Wednesday, April 10, 2019
Breakout Three: Market Positioning: The First Step in Differentiating Your Firm


Why did you submit to present at the 2019 LMA Annual Conference?

The LMA Annual Conference is our favorite event because it is the perfect venue to connect with old friends and meet new ones. One of the things we’ve learned over the years is that making presentations offers us a very meaningful way to do that. Ideas shared lead to conversations, which lead to relationships.

Additionally, we’ve found that organizing our thoughts in preparation for our presentation forces us to refine our ideas. Often, the ideas we plan to share are things that we’ve been thinking about for years. But the work leading up to the presentation challenges us to improve upon those ideas. The result is a much better presentation.


What are you hoping attendees will learn from your presentation?

Our session is about “market positioning” and how it’s the first step in differentiating your firm.

The presentation will discuss what “positioning” means, why it is essential and how to overcome the challenges inherent to law firms regarding positioning. We’ll be showcasing examples of great positioning from outside our industry as well as within. We’ll also discuss one of the big benefits of effective positioning: the ability to radically reduce the number of viable competitors a law firm has.

We hope that the session will leave attendees with a clearer understanding of how to start positioning their own firms.


What do you think is the key for success as a legal marketer today?

Two things:

  • Being nimble. Our fast-changing industry reminds us every day of the value in learning new things and incorporating new ideas into what we do. Luckily for us, we’re surrounded by a lot of smart LMAers who aren’t shy about sharing their knowledge.
  • Leveraging your contacts. The scope of legal marketing has grown tremendously, and that makes it impossible for any one marketer to be an expert in everything. Partnering with the experts in our community can help achieve your goals.


What other session are you most interested in attending while at the conference and why?

The very last session of the conference—“Million Dollar Boot Camp”—sounds great. I can’t wait to learn from presenters Beth Healy and Elizabeth Lockett the secrets to generating over a million dollars of business in less than a year for a select group of lawyers.



What are you most looking forward to about the 2019 LMA Annual Conference?

Top on the list is learning from our peers. A lot of smart people will be attending LMA19, and we want to hear what they have to say.

But the highlight will be reconnecting with our industry friends. We’re so excited to see you all!


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