Get to Know Your #LMA19 Speakers: Jamie Diaferia, CEO at Infinite Global

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Jamie Diaferia

Chief Executive Officer at Infinite Global

The Outsourced Resource: How to Identify, Hire and Leverage Consultants With Internal Resources to Achieve Your Strategic Objectives


What are you hoping attendees will learn from your presentation?

Some argue that PR professionals play a more important role than ever in legal marketing — from planning for and managing bet-the-company crisis situations to generating influence, boosting SEO and more. Plus, with an ever-growing array of tools, the role of influencer marketing, influx of AI, voice-activated search and more, the job has never been more complex.

Most in-house professionals understand the value of having an agency help navigate and manage all these things and boost the impact of a firm’s content. However, many law firms that hire agencies don’t necessarily take the time to do the planning behind how to get the most out of our relationship.

Our presentation will cover everything from identifying the type of relationship you’re looking to have with an agency, how to formulate an effective RFP, mapping your KPIs to budget and tips for how to structure firm-agency communications. Law firm marketers will walk away with a roadmap for selecting, hiring and managing an outside PR agency that will assure mutual success, impress management with stellar results and, perhaps most importantly, make their lawyers happy.


What do you think is the key for success as a legal marketer today?

As the job becomes more complex, marketers need a broad understanding of how everything fits together; you cannot be siloed in your thinking or experience. Marketers need to experiment with new technologies and strategies, and, above all, stay curious.

When it comes to building your team, I feel strongly that you should look for people who care about the field of law. I was a lawyer and a journalist by training, and I started my communications career during college as an intern in an international PR firm pitching wall insulation to journalists. Shockingly, no one was interested. I thought the PR profession was awful, and it was the one job I swore I would never do for a living. Fortunately, my law degree led me to legal PR, and suddenly every day felt like the best professional day of my life. The subject matter was stimulating, and my team and clients were so smart. I realized it wasn’t the profession that was awful, I just wasn’t engaged with the subject matter (to be fair, though, I might question if anyone is passionate about wall insulation).

Build your team with people who have an interest in the subject matter and are always seeking to learn, and you can’t go wrong.


What are you most looking forward to about the 2019 LMA Annual Conference?

Seeing old friends is, hands down, the best; these are people I have known and worked alongside for more than 20 years. Along with the learning and strategic insights, these friendships are the biggest gift that LMA has to offer.


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