#LMA18 Pre-Conference Program Preview

One of the highlights of the LMA Annual Conference is reconnecting with peers and making new friendships.

The value of these lasting relationships can be seen in the work that has gone into interactive pre-conference programs by three legal marketing veterans: 
  • Despina C. Kartson, global director, business development and communications at Jones Day 
  • Kristen Leis, chief marketing and business development officer at Parker Poe 
  • Keith N. Wewe, vice president of strategy and solutions at Content Pilot
Get a preview of what to expect from this year’s pre-conference panelists.
Despina C. Kartson

Global Director, Business Development and Communications
Jones Day

Q. What do you enjoy most about the conference?

A. I truly look forward to the opportunity to participate in this workshop-oriented program with my peers. Dawn Longfield and I are co-chairing the CMO Summit this year. 

It’s such a great room of industry peers, and many are repeat attendees. It's one of the highlights of the conference for me.

Q. How are you preparing for the presentation?

A. This year, Dawn and I have been fortunate to work with Susan Saltonstall Duncan and Rainmaking Oasis to help shape the program and participation of the attendees. 

We’ve had a number of planning calls, and it's been really fun and interesting to have this opportunity to collaborate. We’re excited to present a highly interactive program. 

Q. Why is succession planning a particularly important topic for CMOs and first-chair marketers?

A. This is such an in-the-moment subject, perhaps more so than in previous years. There is a high percentage of lawyers who are reaching retirement age. We know that in law firms more than 60 percent of equity partners are in their late 50s or 60s and often contribute a significant amount to their firm’s revenue. 

With the evolution of the CMO role over the last 20 years, succession planning presents a real opportunity to have a seat at the table and effectively lead or participate in the process.

Kristen Leis

Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer
Parker Poe Adams & Bernstein LLP

Q. What do you enjoy most about the conference?

 This is my 20-year anniversary working as a legal marketing and business development professional. So many things have evolved in our industry sector since 1998, but the one thing that has stayed constant is the quality of its members. I enjoy catching up with friends from over the years and meeting new friends. 

We are such a passionate, dedicated and open group that the only way someone attending the conference would NOT walk away without at least a dozen ideas and enthusiasm would be if they sat in their hotel room binge-watching Netflix during the conference.

Q. How are you and your panel preparing for the presentation?

A. With Deborah Farone as our moderator and co-panelists Trish Lilley and Jeff Beradi, there is a lot of creative energy in prepping for this program. Attendees will not observe a panel of talking heads. We have a program planned that promises to be interactive, informative and interesting.

Q. What do you see as key factors for a successful career in legal marketing?

A. A former boss prided himself on only hiring team members who played sports throughout their lives. Yes, he liked the obvious characteristics athletes possess, such as knowing how to work together as a team and having a primal desire to win, but he also acknowledged something perhaps even more critical – that these team members knew how to lose and how to manage psychological stress. 

The relationship between resilience and performance can’t be underscored enough. A positive, results-oriented personality goes a long way.

Keith N. Wewe

Vice President, Strategy and Solutions
Content Pilot LLC

What do you enjoy most about the annual conference?

That’s easy – the people. After 16 years of back-to-back conferences, this event serves not only as an opportunity for me to learn about new ideas, it’s a homecoming that allows me to learn these things from my LMA family of choice – whom I trust, admire and love.
Q. How are you preparing for the presentation?
A. I’m talking to clients, friends (and complete strangers) about their greatest proposal stories. I want to humanize the topic. Oh, and I’m practicing in front of my bathroom mirror.

Q. Why is the TED Talks-style format an effective way to deliver a message on killer proposals?

A. Because it’s an unexpected format for the topic. Who knew a chat about proposals can be passionate, spontaneous and emotional? Well, I certainly did.


For more information about the conference, visit www.LMAconference.com, call 1-877-562-7172 or email customerservice@LMAconference.com.
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