LMA Southwest Region Introduces the LMANext Program

What is the LMANext Program?

The LMA Southwest Region is excited to announce the launch of the LMANext Prograam. LMANext is a professional development program aimed at providing on-going professional development to newly minted legal marketers through a year long training and mentorship program. 

The LMANext Program will include regular one-on-one meetings between mentors and protégés, live webinars and accountability discussions led by GrowthPlay's Holly Barocio and Briana Leung. As LMANext Program participants, Protégés will be matched with executives within the legal marketing industry. The cost of the program is $100 per protégé and will span from January 2020 to December 2020. 

Join the Class of 2020 today: https://www.legalmarketing.org/e/in/eid=1107 

Training Topics

The Give and Get of Effective Mentoring Relationships
A mentor can play a fundamental role in helping a person achieve success in her/his career. Establishing expectations and equipping both mentor and protégé with the tools and techniques that contribute to an effective mentoring relationship can further strengthen the bond between two people. This program will share practical tools and best practices for being an effective mentor or protégé, including establishing ground rules for the relationship and setting expectations; use of effective questions and listening skills; and taking initiative in the mentoring relationship to get the best out of their mentor or protégé.

Legal Marketplace Trends
There’s no better way to know what makes a client tick than to go straight to the source and ask. GrowthPlay has interviewed numerous purchasers of legal services and compiled the Legal Marketplace Trends based on their feedback and insights. From providing legal advice in a business context to proactively offering a budget (even when the client doesn’t ask for one) are trends every marketing and business development professional should know in order to effectively counsel and collaborate with their lawyers.

Law Firms 101
Understanding your job within your firm is critical for your immediate success. Understanding how your job fits into the overall organization of the firm and having a basic understanding of how your firm operates is critical for your future. This program provides the necessary tools you need to understand the business of law. You will gain insights into critical operations of a firm such as economics, budgets, partner compensation, the various business services functions and trends affecting our industry. Finally, learn why marketing and business development is a highly-valued and critical part of the law firm organization.

Relationship Building, ROI and ROE
When evaluating a successful business development project or initiative, dollars in the door is typically the first metric analyzed to indicate success. And yet, we know that the process of business development is more akin to a marathon than a sprint. How do we quantify our success outside of the bottom line? In this program, you will learn how to identify new metrics that align to the process of relationship building that aren’t solely focused on revenue generation.

Business Development Role Profiles of Lawyers
We can typically identify a “rainmaker” or the lawyer who “gets it” when it comes to business development. We also know that there isn’t just a one-size-fits-all approach to business development and that there are a variety of paths to participation. Now, we have scientific data that can help us align our lawyers to the right fit business development roles based on predictive competencies. This workshop will explore the science behind talent analytics and introduce the Five Business Development Role Profiles.

Momentum Session
We will cap off the 2020 Southwest Region LMANext series with a momentum session to celebrate the successes of the program participants, reaffirm key learning principles and to socialize professional development goals and immediate next steps for shared accountability.

Join the class of 2020 today: https://www.legalmarketing.org/e/in/eid=1107


What is the time commitment expected from protégés and mentors?

Protégés will attend 1x1 calls with your mentors six times per year and trainings six times per year alternating trainings and 1x1 sessions. We anticipate protégés can expect 1-2 hours of active participation per month.

Mentors will attend 1x1 calls with protégés six times per year and have access to the trainings (6 per year) if they desire to attend. However, their participation or attendance is not required. Thus, mentors can expect to be active 1 hour per month on LMANext commitments.

Is there a qualification process for protégés?


  • To become a protégé, you must be enrolled in the LMANext program to participation in the mentorship and training aspect of the program; and
  • You must work within the Southwest Region (Arizona, Colorado, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and Utah) area.


  • Meet at least every other month with your mentor (6 times total), remembering to accommodate the mentor’s schedule and location over a 12 month period;
  • Set up meetings with your mentors and prepare an and discussion points to streamline all discussions;
  • Respond to requests for evaluations or surveys related to the LMANext program; and
  • Attend LMASW Region programs with mentors when possible.

Our ideal protégé would have less than 7 years of marketing/communication experience or be a newer member to the legal marketing industry. However, this is not required.

What are the qualifications of mentors?

  • Mentors must work in the Southwest Region (Arizona, Colorado, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah) area. You can be a law firm in-house marketing professional, consultant or vendor.
  • Mentors typically will have 4+ years of professional legal marketing experience or 8+ years marketing expertise; however, it is not required.
  • Mentors are typically manager, director and CMO level marketers.
  • Mentors will be sharing their experiences, giving advice and providing teachable moments
  • Meet with protégés on a regular on-going basis for a 12-month period.
  • Meet at least six times during 12 months.
  • Program obligation ends in December though the Mentor/Protégé can continue their relationship beyond that point if they wish.
  • Must provide biography and background information for mentoring materials and mentor selection.
  • Must provide mentoring committee with updates or information as requested e.g. evaluations, interim reports, surveys, etc.
  • Attend LMA Local Group programs with protégés when possible.
  • Mentors will be given access to audit any programs to ensure consistent communication of best practices, etc. discussed in the programming.

How will you pair mentors and protégés?

We will pair mentors and protégés based on their niche area of legal marketing (business development, PR, pricing, department management, etc.) to try to find the most compatible skillsets possible. We also will take into account the protégé and mentor’s request for a partner in a similar location to them.

How will programming be delivered?

All programming will be delivered either via webinar or live in person depending on the location of the participants. We expect to have an updated calendar out soon with details on live events and webinar events.

For questions or concerns about your event registration, please contact lmaswboard@gmail.com


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