LMA Northeast Regional Conference Speaker Spotlight: Helena Lawrence

Lawrence Helena.jpgWith the 2018 LMA Northeast Conference coming up on October 25 and 26 in Boston, presenters are providing a brief snapshot of what to expect from their sessions. Helena Lawrence, Senior Business Development Manager at Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP, will be leading a case study on “Legal Product Development & Marketing,” a hot topic in today’s environment. Her session is slated for Friday, October 26 at 9:35am. Learn more about what she plans to discuss and what she’s most excited about regarding LMANE18. 

Why do you submit to present at the 2018 LMA Northeast Conference?
The legal profession is changing. Clients purchase legal services differently—and law firms need to adapt.  Developing, and marketing legal products is one way to stay competitive to be able to meet client needs in the future of our profession. I am looking forward to talking about how to compete in a world where the legal profession is becoming commoditized, but firms still want to provide traditional, strategic legal advice.

What are you hoping attendees learn from your presentation?
I want attendees to learn how to use legal products to open the door to new clients. I will discuss why they would want to build a product, how to identify the right opportunity, how to plan and build it, and how to market it.

Is product marketing at the tipping point for the legal services industry, or is there still a "learning curve" to be overcome?
Law firms usually sell services, or talent, but we can also market products to position our firms as thought leaders. Selling a “product” is a differentiator, is great for marketing and profile raising, and can be used for relationship building. General counsel want firms to think differently to better meet their needs, and innovation through technology is an efficient way to deliver services. Alternative legal service providers are commoditizing our profession. To stay competitive, law firms need to change and legal products is one way to do it.
What are you hoping to learn from the LMANE18 conference?
Hugs! What I enjoy the most about LMA in person activities is seeing my LMA family. The relationships I have built are my favorite benefit of my LMA membership. Periodically seeing my friends in person (and making new connections) makes me more effective at work. Through trusted friendships I have honest, uncensored conversations about approaches and resources to do my job. My friends and I are also there for each other and sometimes you just need a friend who “just gets it.”

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