LMA Northeast Regional Conference Session Sneak Peek with Igor Ilyinsky

Ilyinsky Igor Headshot.jpgWe asked some of the presenters at the upcoming 2018 LMA Northeast Conference on October 25 and 26 in Boston to tell us what attendees can expect from their session. Igor Ilyinsky, founder of law firm web marketing agency FirmWise, will speak about how websites of small- and mid-size law firms can compete with websites of larger firms, and ultimately help smaller firms compete for big clients. Igor's presentation is slated for a Breakout Session 2 from 10:35-11:20am on Friday. October 26. 

Why did you submit to present at the LMANE18 conference?
Regional and national conferences are generally targeted at larger firms. They focus on initiatives that often require significant internal resources. It’s important to me, as an advocate for smaller law firms, to provide value to attendees from these firms, and show them how they can make a big impact leveraging their smaller size. 

What do you hope that attendees learn from your presentation?
Generally, attendees walk away from my presentations with a greater understanding of the small firm landscape, and their own capabilities. My hope is that they will be inspired to capture what is unique about their own firms and utilize technology to communicate those differences. 

What can cost-conscious small- and mid-size law firms do with modern website technology to effectively convey their "selling points"?
It’s less a question of what they can do, but how they do it that makes the difference. Most small firms already do “what” they can do in a very standard “status quo” way, which can come off as sterile and benign. Instead they should focus on doing those things in a more interactive and engaging way, which creates interest and loyalty. I hear firms say things like “we do video marketing” without realizing that the basic way they do it is completely ineffective. 

What are you personally hoping to get out of this year's LMANE18 conference?
For me, these conferences are always about getting to see people with whom I communicate online but rarely in person, and getting to meet new people. I enjoy speaking with the exhibitors and other speakers, but mostly I love hearing about the challenges of small firms, as that is the most interesting part of my job, given the unique political dynamics that are often found at smaller law firms.  

Take a look at the full conference agenda and register for the conference here.

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