LMA Northeast Conference Session Sneak Peek with Robert Ambrogi

Ambrogi Robert.JPGWith the 2018 LMA Northeast Conference coming up on October 25-26 in Boston, presenters are providing a brief snapshot of what to expect from their sessions. Robert Ambrogi, veteran podcaster and practicing lawyer, will address as part of a law firm podcasting panel discussion how law firms can boost and grow their target audiences. Bob's presentation is slated for a Breakout Session 2 (1:30-2:30 p.m.) on Thursday, October 25. 

Why did you submit to present at the LMANE 2018 conference?

I am a strong believer in the idea that marketing is about building trust through conversations. The best ways I know of for legal professionals to create and foster those conversations are through blogs and podcasts. Podcasting is unique among forms of media for the opportunity it offers to literally share your voice with listeners and therefore engage on a more personal level. At the same time, you get to demonstrate your passion and expertise about the issues you discuss. Listeners get a better sense of not just what you know, but also who you are. These ingredients make podcasting a powerful tool. 

What are you hoping attendees learn from your presentation?

We have a panel of experienced podcasters. I've been doing it for 13 years and recently launched a brand new podcast that I am producing on my own. We'll share why we podcast, how we podcast and our tips about what makes a podcast successful. We'll talk about the nuts and bolts, but also about the strategic aspects of using podcasts to drive business. 

How can a law firm make a podcast stand out from the crowded podcast clutter?

It seems that, all of a sudden, there is a proliferation of podcasts in legal and so standing out is more of a challenge. But as in any other form of media marketing, content is king. Podcasts that are of consistently high quality, with relevant and compelling content, will build audiences. What that content is and how it is delivered will depend on the subject and format of the show, of course. Consistency is also important with respect to frequency. Decide on a frequency and posting schedule and then stick with it.  

What are you personally expecting to get out of attending/participating in this year's conference?

My first goal at every conference is to network -- to visit with people I know and get a chance to meet and speak with others I've yet to meet. I am also looking forward to the programming, which looks to be a great lineup of speakers and topics. 

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