LMA Midwest Volunteer Spotlight: John Reed of Rain BDM

As you've seen from our Midwest President Megan McKeon's emails in the last month or so, your LMA Midwest Region and Local Steering Committees (LSCs) have been hard at work. Not just hard at work at their day-jobs, but also trying to serve the diverse membership that makes up LMA Midwest. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all of us, and we - as leaders in the Midwest Region - are working on providing value to our members while we ride out this major event together. 

One of those ways is to showcase our most invaluable asset: our volunteers. Midwest IS Best, and that definitely includes the folks who get things done for our region! We have some awesome member volunteers who are doing some really innovative things to serve our 700+ membership. We hope that you reach out to these fantastic LMAers and utilize their efforts! (Or you could always volunteer for LMA Midwest!)

So, let me introduce you to our first Spotlight volunteer, John Reed! John Reed is the LSC Chair of our Michigan Local Group. He's also the Founder & Chief Consultant of Rain BDM (they just launched a new website, so go check it out!).


Tell us a bit about yourself - where do you work and what do you do?

I’m the founder of Rain BDM, a business development and marketing consulting company that works with law firms of different sizes and practices across the U.S. I’m based in the Detroit area, but as I tell our clients, we have branch offices around the world that all serve Starbucks coffee. 

Rain BDM is the culmination of my professional career thus far. Before starting the company a decade ago (our 10th anniversary is in May), I’d been a practicing attorney, an advertising agency executive, a legal recruiter, and a sales rep and sales manager with Thomson Reuters. Drawing on all of those skills, my team and I train and coach lawyers to build deep relationships with clients and referral sources, develop compelling content to boost lawyers’ thought leadership, and help law firms find distinct ways to promote their brands. 

What’s your role in LMA?

After three years as Secretary of the LMA Michigan LSC, I stepped into the Chair role in January when the person who was slated to hold that position took a new job out of state. In the past two months, we have completely revamped our LSC composition with some smart, motivated people and put together an ambitious agenda for 2020 in response to what our members have told us is important to them. 

What do you enjoy about volunteering for LMA?

My service on the LMA Michigan LSC has tended to focus on breaking down unnecessary barriers. For example, when I first joined LMA, people like me who are now known as strategic partners were called “vendors” - and not in a nice way. I’ve made it a point to not only bridge the divide between in-house legal marketers and outside service providers but also to model how strategic partners should interact and participate in LMA so we don’t regress back to that vendor stereotype. I’m also particularly proud of our evolution from LMA Detroit to LMA Michigan, a rebranding we executed a few years ago in an effort to make legal marketing professionals in other parts of our state feel included and ensure they enjoy the value of their LMA membership. I won’t lie - we’ve had a few stumbles along the way, but we’re making progress and will be doing more this year to share the love across Michigan.

What’s your favorite vacation?

Big Sky, Montana is tops on my list, but anywhere in the Rockies works, too. There’s something about massive, majestic mountains that let me know how small and insignificant I am in this world.

Are you a winter or summer person? Tell us why.

Winter for sure. If you’ve met me, you know to not let my killer tan fool you. At my house, we use Dutch Boy primer instead of sunblock.

Are you a dog or cat (or other!) person?

Oh, most definitely a dog person. Not only is our Goldendoodle, Lola a bright spot in my life, but I also proudly serve on the board of trustees of Leader Dogs for the Blind, an amazing organization that provides tools and training to reintroduce visually impaired people to lives of confidence, safety, and independence. 

Favorite movie / book / documentary?

If I happen to see Ferris Bueller on television, all bets are off. Whatever else I had planned (or what someone else had planned for me) takes a backseat. 

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