Philadelphia January Event: Using Readership Analytics to Build a Culture of Thought Leadership

On January 19th, the Metro Philadelphia Chapter met to discuss “Using Readership Analytics to Build a Culture of Thought Leadership.” National Law Review Managing Director Jennifer Schaller and Publications and Web Manager Nicole Minnis joined the group to present how to use Google Analytics and other readership information to demonstrate the importance of thought leadership and how to maximize the reach of your firm’s published content and marketing efforts. 

Thought leadership is a time-honored method for attorneys to demonstrate their expertise and to keep their profiles out in the public sphere. With pressures from the public and other factors such as billable hour requirements, however, attorneys have increased skepticism when it comes to producing content. Therefore, as legal marketers, we must identify how to convince our attorneys that producing quality content is effective and measureable by providing evidence through hard data that will prove their thought leadership is important. In quantifying the success of existing content through specific data points such as behavior, audience, and acquisition, we can also provide insight and direction for future content. 

Google Analytics has become a baseline for measuring specific data points to show attorneys where content is resonating with their identified and prospective audience or for highlighting possible areas for improvement. Quantifying the success of content by behavioral factors is measured through unique page views and time spent on each page. Measuring their audience identifies the demographic and geographic targeted viewers and readers, and acquisition shows who has linked to the content and who then may have cited the attorneys’ profiles. These measures ultimately help identify which sites and social medium have the most engagement and are the most effective to publish and push our attorneys’ efforts.  

Lastly, legal marketers can continue to promote thought leadership from their attorneys by also adding to the competitive nature of lawyers. For instance, if you are able to identify a “thought leadership champion” within a practice area, other attorneys will view the success metrics and want to get in on the action. 

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The speakers also identified strategies for improving SEO as a matter of properly adjusting the backend of each piece of content: metadata, headline writing, text formatting and getting backlinks. Tips and tools for timing and structurally writing well-read social media posts, reaching media, identifying social media trends and creating a social media schedule were also shared to understand how vital these marketing efforts are.

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