LMA Canadian Regions Merger Announcement

Over the last couple of years, and certainly during the past few months, the Western and Eastern LMA regions have collaborated closer than ever before. The increased dialogue between the two regions’ leadership has revealed opportunities to streamline and leverage the impact of board and committee volunteer time and talents while also bringing increased value to our members. As such, with the unanimous support of both regional boards and the international board, the two regions will merge to become the LMA Canada Region as of January 1, 2021.

There is a lot of enthusiasm for the opportunities this merger will bring for all of our stakeholders, and there are many benefits as well.

  • A new combined regional governing board with representation from across Canada
  • Shared volunteer talent pipeline and less dilution of that talent between two boards
  • Ability to further capitalize on our webcast capabilities to deliver content across Canada
  • Capacity to leverage collective volunteer efforts while gaining greater efficiencies
  • Shared budget and other resources to drive more value to members
  • A better platform with which to engage smaller cities

Shortly, LMA will be seeking nominations for the 2021 LMA Canada Regional Governing Board and new talent for revamped local steering committees in cities across Canada, including Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. If you or members of your team are interested in helping shape the agenda of the LMA Canada Region, please consider participating! If you have any questions about this merger, please reach out to the regional presidents Chandler Lauzon and Susan Van Dyke.

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