Legal Operations as a Business Development Tool

Date: February 28, 2018
Time: 12:00 p.m. CT

Sponsored by: CMO SIG

Domains: Business of Law and Client Services
Competencies: Business Structures & Trends and Internal Client Communications & Feedback

The use of legal operations is growing with alacrity. Legal operations is a multidisciplinary function within the legal department that optimizes legal services delivery to businesses and government by focusing on select core competencies. The number of in-house counsels and legal ops professionals using the principles of legal operations in their legal departments has increased dramatically over the past several years. These professionals have worked together sharing ideas, concepts, technologies and strategies to help create better efficiencies and predictability in their legal spend with outside law firms.

Over the past several years it has become apparent that many legal departments are becoming more and more proficient with legal operations. However, many law firms are lagging behind in both their understanding of this growing movement and in approaching their clients to discuss their preferences in this area.

Those involved in the legal operations aspect of their legal departments started meeting five years ago to share processes, efficiencies, documents, technologies, predictability, and to create more definitive AFAs and transparency with their outside law firms. Legal operations is a broad term which typically involves pricing, procurement, technologies, planning and strategizing between the legal ops professionals at the company and relationship partners and any legal operations personnel a law firm might have; this could be marketing, bus dev, pricing, IT, etc., depending on each company’s needs.

The notion of using legal ops as a business development tool to enhance existing relationships and target potential new clients is a reality that some law firms – large or mid-size, even small firms – are offering to clients. Corporate legal departments are fairly receptive to offers to meet and discuss their legal operation’s needs. Law firms, per se, need to expand internal conversations with firm leaders, relationship partners and CMOs to develop a deeper understanding of legal operations and the value that clients are placing on this aspect of service delivery.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Gain an understanding of how increasing pressure on law firms adopt aspects of legal operations is pushing them to change.
  • Learn the critical attributes that a Director of Legal Operations for a major corporation says are the entry-level skills and basic understandings of legal operations needed to have productive conversations with clients and potential clients.
  • Be able to list specific approaches and conversation starters to take back to their firms to start to get buy-in from management and relationship partners. We will tie in pricing, procurement and the consultative aspects of legal operations.

Merry Neitlich,  Managing Partner, EM Consulting
Chad Hallberg, Director of Legal Operations, Valeant Pharmaceuticals


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