How Video Is Impacting Legal Marketing: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words, But Video is Priceless

Law firms have typically been slow out of the gates when it comes to innovative marketing - no one wants to be the first to try something new. Is it fear of failure? Fear of ridicule from peers? Fear of the unknown? It is hard to say why lawyers can appear adverse to change, but sometimes it’s our job to push them out of their comfort zone. Cue: video.

Using video for marketing is one of those things that has been talked about for a few years now. Some industries excel at it, while others have difficulty. Studies have shown that more people are watching videos online than ever before. Not just cats and dogs interrupting yoga videos either - people are consuming business-related content online - and during work hours - on a regular basis. Consumers are more likely to watch a short video than to read content in its entirety. Additionally, while no one is really an expert on SEO, it has been shown that quality video does help sites rank better. So what does this mean for law firms? How can they use video?

  • Bios - There is nothing less human than a laundry list of someone’s accomplishments that does nothing to speak to the client. A short video on a bio can humanize a lawyer in a way that text cannot. Clients often want to know that their attorney understands them and their problems. Using video in this way can make the lawyer seem approachable.
  • Content - Content is still king. As we learned at the LMA Program on the 2014 State of Digital and Content Marketing, one of the key takeaways was to consider non-textual ways to distribute information. Couple that with the fact that video consumption is skyrocketing, it only makes sense to consider using video to distribute content. If you take what could be a nice blog post, and instead create a two to three minute video covering the same topic - you may hit the jackpot!
  • Firm culture - Video can also be a quality recruiting tool. Imagine you are searching for a job, and happen upon a firm with a beautifully-edited compilation of softball games, holiday parties, summer outings. Wouldn’t this type of firm culture promotion do more to attract you (as a lawyer or a staff member) than a few bullets outlining the same benefits package that every other firm offers?

There are many other ways that law firms could use video to enhance their position in the market, and more will continue to pop up. For now, consider these a starter kit for planting the video seed. Remember that the videos need to be high quality, and that sometimes cute parodies backfire.

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By Kristin Maclay Brunett, Marketing and Business Development Manager at Paley Rothman, for the March/April 2015 issue of the Capital Ideas Newsletter.

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