Get to Know LMA Northeast Member Shannon Duffy

Duffy Shannon saul ewing.jpgShannon Duffy is the Director of Business Development at Saul Ewing LLP in Philadelphia. She is a member-at-large on the Philadelphia Local Steering Committee and serves as the Marketing & Communications liaison. Read on to hear more about Shannon, her path through the legal marketing industry and what she enjoys about her job and the LMA. 

How did you get into the legal marketing field?

Like other legal marketing professionals, I serendipitously just fell into the industry. I attended Drexel University for my undergraduate degree and as part of Drexel’s curriculum, you are required to complete a series of full-time co-ops (internships). For my first co-op experience, I joined the Marketing Department of a large law firm based in Philadelphia and was responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of their CRM system. Through that co-op, my eyes were opened to the different roles and opportunities available within a marketing department of a law firm. From there, my legal marketing career just kind of fell into place, one role at a time.  

What do you enjoy most about what you do?

Hands down, my co-workers! I am extremely fortunate to work alongside a collaborative, smart and creative team of legal marketing professionals and attorneys. They challenge me daily, which in turn makes me a better professional, colleague and all-around person.    

Any advice for someone who is looking to get involved in the LMA?

Jump in feet first! The LMA has so many opportunities to get involved – attending workshops/trainings, professional networking, volunteering through regional committees, sharing LMA thought leadership through social media. The LMA can be an incredible tool/resource to assist you in your professional growth and career. Get involved! 

 What superpower do you wish you had?

The ability to freeze time. I contemplate this superpower every single morning when I hear my alarm clock.    

What piece of advice do you wish you could give to your younger professional self?

The same advice I give myself today…don’t sweat the small stuff. A million little things go wrong every single day (most of which you have little control over). Save your concerns and focus for the big stuff. 

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