Get in the Game: How Gamification can Supercharge Business Development

2015 Legal Marketing Technology Conference/West Recordings
*Produced by the LMA Bay Area Chapter

Domain: Business Development

We’ve all heard that many of the skills needed to develop business are counter to how attorneys are wired. But we do know that attorneys are competitive by nature so that begs the question, can the skills and habits needed to develop business be taught and instilled through playing a game? Businesses of all sizes have been using gamification, defined as “game design elements in non-game contexts,” for many years with great results. Gamification of business development is simply another internal tool that can be used to help build engagement in the process and confidence in an individual's ability to build a base of clients.

Jill Huse, Co-Founder, Society 54
Kristen Leis, Director of Business Development & Marketing, Parker Poe
Heather McCullough, Co-Founder, Society 54

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