Fourth Quarter Letter from the President

Membership in a professional association is founded on the concept of strength in numbers. Through our membership, the resources we each have access to can shape our careers, boost us over professional hurdles and guide us through an industry evolution that is unfolding at warp speed. Together, we have vast reserves of wisdom, encouragement, and ideas; all the elements needed to continuously affirm our roles as critical members of our organizations.

We are preparing for that future with a fresh group of leaders on the Regional Board of Directors and the Local Steering Committees in Boston, NYC and Philadelphia. Their contributions will ensure that our strategy is a dynamic one, able to respond to the transformation of the legal landscape that we are currently experiencing.

How we respond to the changes around us will be the result of many informed minds working together to meet an evolving list of modern needs. Fortunately, there is immense power in the perspective of our peers, and we can use that perspective to guide today’s law firms into the future.

I’m looking forward to it.

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