Everyone Can Be a Content Jedi!: Recap of the LMANE Boston Social Media Master Class

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Stefanie Marrone presents at LMANE Boston’s 
The Social Media Master Class

Small and large firms alike benefit from an effective social media strategy to build a strong brand and engage with target audiences while differentiating their firm and lawyers. Whether you are a budding legal marketing Paddawan with little budget or a seasoned Jedi Knight with countless tools at their disposal, anyone is able to be a "content Jedi Master". 

Content masters Stefanie Marrone and Guy Alvarez led approximately 40 legal marketers through Boston’s November 14 lunch program – "The Social Media Master Class” – by providing practical, innovative, actionable and budget-friendly tactics and strategies for creating a robust online social media presence. 

As the speakers noted, a strong content/thought leadership program on social media will help law firms and lawyers attract and acquire clients through enhanced visibility. It is also an effective networking tool for lawyers, providing them with opportunities to stay top of mind with their clients and generate new leads. 

Legal marketers should encourage their attorneys to “pay it forward” by sharing and promoting the content of key contacts and clients, which will help attorneys to grow their brand and expand their network. 

“No one dislikes a compliment, no one dislikes a shout-out,” says Stefanie, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Tarter Krinsky & Drogin LLP. “Adding value every day to clients should be at the heart of everything a law firm does,” she says. 

Legal marketers can drive this initiative by using the firm’s social media channels to deliver content that is helpful to a client or contact. 

The speakers noted that legal marketers should also manage the expectations of lawyers at their firms. Content strategy is a long-term endeavor and may not present ROI right away, and the “listen-only” social media user should not be discounted. For example, even though in-house counsel are increasingly turning to social media for news and information, according to a Greentarget study that Stefanie noted, only 27 percent are disseminating information and engaging with other users. 

While forming a content strategy, Guy explained that legal marketers can help cater content for each part of the client journey by delivering “the right content to the right people at the right time.” 

For example, if a prospect is in the “awareness” stage, attract them to the firm with useful information. If a client is in the "retention" stage, use content to cross-sell other practice areas to them. 

Don’t be a Stormtrooper and regularly miss your targets with random acts of content on social media. Avoid “one-and-done” posts by extending the shelf life of a single piece, suggests Stefanie, such as posting pull-out quotes, stats or other data, or creating an infographic. 

Repurpose and reuse content, and post content across all the social media channels of your firm, though messaging should be catered to the specific platform. It's especially important to use interesting images with every social media post, says Stefanie, to ensure higher levels of engagement. 

Using a variety of content also helps to engage social media followers. By using a combination of timely and evergreen posts, developing client-centric approaches to thought pieces, and thinking visually, legal marketers can build firm social media accounts that beg to be followed. 

Many of the tactics and strategies explained do not only apply to bolstering a firm’s social media strategy, but can be used to enhance professional brands for legal marketers as well. 

In the words of Master Yoda [Stefanie and Guy], “May the [content] force be with you.”

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Final slide from Stefanie's and Guy’s presentation

Remaining true to the social media theme, attendees were encouraged to live tweet their takeaways from the program using #LMANE_Boston, and the top live tweeters were given prizes for their efforts. 

This lunch program was hosted by Nutter McClennen & Fish and sponsored by Gittings Legal. 

Be sure to join LMANE Boston for its final 2018 event, the always festive and fun Holiday Party, on Wednesday, December 5 at Tuscan Kitchen. We look forward to seeing you there!

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