Donations in Memory of Ian Turvill

Ian TurvillOur community continues to process the loss of friend and colleague, Ian Turvill, and, in working with Ian's family, the LMA Board of Directors would like to announce a pledge to match donations in memory of Ian to either of the Turvills' elected causes. Ian's wife Marny and children Claire and Jack have designated the charity Mindful Schools to receive memorial donations, as well as a newly established education fund for Claire and Jack. More information is available at:

LMA pledges to match, dollar for dollar, funds donated to either cause by 11:59 p.m. CT on Friday, Nov. 17 up to $5,000. (The matching donation will be split equally between the charity and education fund.)

If you choose to donate, please send a copy of your donation/tax receipt or, if you do not have a copy, a simple email detailing your contribution to so that LMA can match your donation.

On behalf of the Turvill family, thank you for your continued thoughts and well wishes.

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