Demystifying Legal Finance: A Practical Guide to How Funding Works for Law Firms and Clients

Domain:  Business Development, Client Services

Since 2007, the adoption of legal finance in the US has expanded as more firms recognize this as a tool to help firms of all sizes develop client relationships, manage risk, and drive profitability. Panelists for this session will be on-hand to give a complete 101 on how law firms are using funding, what cases are right for financing, how it works, and how to speak to clients and lawyers about this.
Topics Include:

  • Understand the basic of legal funding and how it works
  • Learn how law firms are using this tool
  • Be prepared to speak knowledgeably with clients and partners

Kate Boyd, Validity Finance
Justin Barker, Validity Finance
Michael Kallus, Woodsford Litigation Finance
Steven Nachtwey, Bartlit Beck LLP

Member Price: $59
Prospective Member Price: $79

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Video-Recorded SessionThis session includes video, audio and synced presentations for an enhanced virtual learning experience. 

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