Competitive Intelligence on Current Law Firm Benchmarks

Sponsored by Thomson Reuters and the Competitive/Market Intelligence SIG

Domain: Business Development, Business of Law

Recent discussions with law firm leaders have consistently come back to the topic of cost. Knowing what an individual timekeeper or staffer costs your firm is a key foundation to understanding your firm’s competitive cost picture. Moreover, it’s important to understand how those costs compare to peer firms and do we have any competitive advantages. This competitive intelligence is a key metric to understanding where there is potential for growth, and this ability to identify paths to new business is critical for effective practice management and innovation.

This session will highlight some effective resources for establishing competitive cost benchmarks for your firm, and will examine some of the predictions regarding growth in the legal market to help you plan for the future, both for your law firm and your career.

Featured Speaker: Bill Josten, Law Firm Profitability Specialist, Thomson Reuters

Price: Complementary for Members

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